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In the spirit of Father's Day, we are giving away a bottle of finest The Oxford Artisan Distillery 'Easy Ryder Rye Whisky' to one of our valued and much-loved subcribers. 


The Oxford Artisan Distillery 'Easy Ryder'

Oxford Rye Quote

“The Oxford Rye flavour keeps evolving as we continue our journey through time."

Whisky shares a historic storyline with sport. Nascar has the spirit to thank for its very existence, bootlegging being so inextricably linked with racing. Transporting moonshine during the prohibition, drivers would race each other for ‘bragging rights’ in their spare time – and so it goes, the sport was born. 

As whisky lovers, we know that truly great whisky is an art form. That's why we're excited to share the story of The Oxford Artisan Distillery with you. Proudly located in the heart of Oxfordshire, T.O.A.D. pride themselves on a sustainable and hand-crafted approach to distilling. 

They are the only distillery in the world to use ancient heritage organic grains – grown exclusively for their use – within 50 miles of Oxford. Traditional handmade distilling methods create a truly unique and delicious whisky.

Heritage grains can be distilled into truly special spirits. The signature maltiness, caramel undertones and silky-smooth texture make their spirits what they are. That is why we want to gift this special product to one of our loyal subscribers. A thank you from us to you and this special community we are building together. 

At The Oxford Artisan Distillery, they take their craft seriously and believe that sustainability is key to success. By sourcing their grains locally, they support local farmers and minimise their carbon footprint. Plus, their commitment to organic farming ensures that each sip of their whisky is as pure as pure can be. 

Their distillery is different. Not different for different’s sake, but different to be better; to be sustainable, more thoughtful, and more considerate of the world around us. With every step of the distilling process carried out with care, their two copper stills fit the ethos too. Commissioned from scratch in collaboration with Paul Pridham and Railway South Engineering they are something to behold. 

So, if you want to be able to pour yourself a glass of rye whisky and toast to the art of distilling, subscribe to your new favourite magazine. And if you have already done so, cheers to that. You are already entered.

How to enter

All of Pitch subscribers will be entered into the competition - new or old.

You must be aged over 21 and a resident of the UK to be entered. Please note - this will include ID checks. 

The winner of this competition will be chosen on 19 June 2023 by pulling names out of a batting helmet. 

Successfully subscribing does not guarantee a prize. There is no cash alternative. 

While we will take every care to pack the bottle securely we cannot guarantee that old corks and closures will not leak in transit.

Please drink responsibly. 

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